Color Project: NY is a collaborative photography project. All participants from all over the world are welcome to submit, and no photography experience is required.

As New York City's landscapes, economies, cultural touchstones, and neighborhoods evolve, two things have remained constant: the energy and movement of its inhabitants and the stalwart underground subway system. Our project is interested in the relationship between neighborhoods and the ways in which people arrive and depart from them. Every day, millions of people cross neighborhood boundaries to go to work, to teach and learn, to spend time with friends. 

New York's subway map is itself a work of art: bright, meandering lines reach to every corner of the five boroughs, striating the landscape. This spectrum of lines, letters, numbers, and subway stops is an aggregate of the identity of the city itself: a multi-faceted and ever-changing community that is both a collection of microcosms and a united force.

This project intends to portray New York City in a new way: using photos taken all across the city, we'll reconstruct the entire NYC subway map. 

Here's the rub: every photo must feature the color that corresponds to that location's subway line. 

For example: if you live in north Brooklyn, maybe you're near the L line. Take a photo of something grey in your neighborhood and send it in. 

Or maybe you're visiting in Times Square. Since the 123 (red), NRQ (yellow), S (grey), and 7 (purple) trains all service Times Square, take a photo featuring any one of those colors and send it in. 

We'll take all of your submissions (multiple submissions are welcome) and build the subway map photo by photo along those colored subway lines: in the end, we'll have a subway map comprised of nothing but photos. The resulting collection will represent a kaleidoscope of different perspectives of the city from citizen photographers based all around the world.

Submission details:

  • feature one color at a time: try to have the featured color dominate the frame
  • identify the subway stop closest to the shot
  • tell us your name and home city
  • editors have the right to reject any photo for inappropriate content

We use Submittable to accept and review our submissions.